Well hello there! 

I'm Taylor, the brunette in the top picture and the lovely blonde in the bottom picture is my best friend and partner in crime Maggie.  Together we started Folklore Rentals.  Here is a little bit about us just in case you're curious...


What's Folklore you ask? Well technically it goes something like this:

"Traditional stories and legends attached to a particular people, place, or object passed down from generation to generation."​ 

We look for pieces that have a past and tell a story.  Pieces that aren't afraid to show where they've been and what they've been through.  

My infatuation with furniture started at a very young age.  My family has owned an interior design business for over thirty years, so I was born to love furniture and its history.  I went to design school at UCLA and worked for the family business, discovered my entrepreneurial spirit and went out on my own.  But something just wasn't right.  I knew I loved design and furniture but needed something I could be passionate about on my own terms and still share with others.  ​

Maggie's story starts from a very young age as well.  From the get go she has been a lover of nostalgia. Maggie pursued her studies in art and photography and was equally determined to find a career that she was passionate about. 

Exactly how, when and where it happened is all blurry now, but one day it just happened.  It all started with one upholstered chair and after that we began furiously buying amazing pieces of furniture, accessories, and so on without looking back.  Slowly but surely we decided we would rent them for weddings, baby showers, and other events.  Our collection grew fast, so fast in fact it spilled out from the garage into our hallways, living room, bedroom, kitchen until we built a structure on Maggie's property.  Only we had grown out of that by the day it was finished being built. In June 2014 we moved Folklore to our first warehouse and after two years we needed to upgrade again! Now we have a warehouse and office in San Marcos where we work alongside our talented team of employees.   ​